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Hurricanes are one of nature's most serious and dangerous threats. Throughout the hurricane season we will constantly provide you with alerts and updates as well as any other information to help keep you informed of the situation.
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Have a Plan. Be Prepared.

The purpose of this site is to aid you in creating your own hurricane readiness plan.  It will:

  • Guide you through the biggest decision: Should you STAY or GO?
  • Explain what to do: Before the Storm, As it Approaches, and After the Storm.
  • Guide you through creation of your plan.

We encourage you to create your plan online using this system.  Some of the benefits include:

This site will also serve as a centralized place for you to receive updates and direct you to specific links to other sites for more detailed information on agency sites.  The goal of the site is to serve as a single destination that can answer your questions or point you to another site for information.

Having a plan and being prepared is the biggest step you can make to keeping you and your family safe.

This website brought to you by:

in partnership with the Leon County Division of Emergency Management and the Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.

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